We bought a bus!

“You want to do what?”

That was the reaction from several family members when we told them about our plan. I won’t pretend that Ryan and I didn’t make an impulsive decision in purchasing a retired school bus with the intention of making it into an RV. However, there is something to be said for impulse as a positive force.

The big question we’ve had to answer is why the hell are we doing this. Well I can name a few reasons, but the main one is simply that life is short and we decided, why not? We’d talked about tiny homes and other conversion ideas for the past two years, so we made a choice to simply stop finding excuses and finally take action.

Okay so really, why a school bus?

I can cite several practical reasons (space, potential mobility, preexisting structural integrity, a wealth of online resources about school bus conversion projects, cost of a tiny home, etc.) behind our decision, though the truth is that it simply sounded like fun. Really.

Ryan (as some of you know) has long had a thing for odd-ball living situations (the tree-house, ahem, ahem) and it didn’t take much for him to begin envisioning what could be done with a school bus. For myself, I was looking for something I could get excited about, and a traditional RV just wasn’t doing it. So far our initial enthusiasm has held out!


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