BIG NEWS: We’re Settling Down

Dear blog readers, we have something very big to share with you:

After nearly two years of full-time travel, we’ve officially settled down again! 

Wait, what?

The entire process of converting our bus into a comfortable home as well as the experience of living, working, and traveling on it full-time has been fantastic for us. Though it took a tremendous effort to make the dream of bus life into a reality, both of us knew that it wasn’t necessarily something we’d do forever. We both have additional goals that we’d like to accomplish – and after a terrific time touring the U.S. in our bus, we’re ready to do the work necessary to achieve them.

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel the way that we have – and we certainly learned a lot of valuable lessons from our time on the road. With that in mind, it also feels like it’s time for us to try something new.

So where are you Moving to?

After visiting many cities, states, and provinces, we’ve decided to hang our hats along the front-range of Colorado, and have moved to Boulder, CO.  Colorado makes the most sense for us right now for a number of reasons and we’ve officially moved to the Centennial State.

But, What About the bus?

Rest assured, we are definitely not getting rid of the bus! It’s currently parked in our new driveway. After nearly two years of trekking all around the country, it needs some TLC. We’ll be able to perform maintenance and do repairs while not living on it for a while.

Some Highlights of our Travels:


4 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: We’re Settling Down

  1. Linda Ayers says:

    The bus looks right at home (and so do you and Ryan) in the driveway of your new home. Color coordinated too! Bill and I will certainly look forward to visiting you there. Always wanted to sleep on the bus – glad to know it will be available for guests. Will look forward to reading future blog posts!


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