What Are We Doing Now?

Since last fall’s announcement that we’ve decided to stay-put for a while, we’ve been pretty busy. First and foremost, our professional lives have changed and we’re both working in new(ish) ways. Outside of work we’ve made time to explore our local area.


So far, we’ve taken a number of  long day hikes in nearby state parks and open space areas. Even the shorter, more moderate hikes around here offer pretty incredible views. On our list for the remainder of the summer and fall are to explore some of the trails in the national forests and parks around us.

Some images from our hikes:


With easy access to an incredible number of premium trout fishing opportunities, we’ve decided to pursue fly fishing. So far we’re still newbies, but we’re already hooked (pun definitely intended).  Even when we don’t catch anything, it’s worth just getting out to enjoy the scenery.

We’re continuing to work towards our larger goals and to do light maintenance work on the bus. All in all, things aren’t too shabby. We’re fortunate to have the opportunities that we do and are looking forward to the future.

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