What Are We Doing Now?

Since last fall’s announcement that we’ve decided to stay-put in Colorado for a while, we’ve been pretty busy. First and foremost, I (Justine) have returned to a full-time office job while Ryan has also increased his remote work hours back up to a full-time level. Outside of work we’ve made time to explore the Front Range as well as enjoy having library cards again. (Yes, we’re nerds.)

We’ve also made a few friends since moving here, and it’s been nice to be in one place for long enough to get to know new people. Board game nights are definitely more fun when there’s more folks sitting around the table.


One of the obvious benefits of being in Colorado is the access to great hiking trails. So far, we’ve made it a point to go for a long day hike almost every weekend and have checked out nearby state parks and open space areas. Even the shorter, more moderate hikes around here offer pretty incredible views. On our list for the remainder of the summer and fall are to explore some of the trails in the national forests near us and do a few hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Some images from our hikes:

Wildflowers in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, CO

Idaho Springs Area, CO

Boulder County Open Space, CO

Chatauqua Park, Boulder County, CO

Open space hike near Lyons, CO in Spring

Lyons, CO in Spring

Rocky Mountain National Park in Spring

Southern Colorado Landscape in Autumn

Southern Colorado in Autumn


Ryan introduced me to fishing  when we lived in Austin and for years we both stuck mostly to spinner rods to lure bass and perch in rivers and lakes. However, since moving to Colorado where we have access to an incredible number of premium trout fishing opportunities, we’ve decided to pursue fly fishing. So far we’re still newbies, but we’re already hooked (pun definitely intended). We’ve discovered some great fishing spots in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and have been fortunate enough to make several day trips there. Even when we don’t catch anything, it’s worth just getting out to enjoy the scenery.

Justine fishing in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

Ryan taking a break from fishing in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

The Bus

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to live in our bus since moving here due to county-wide restrictions against tiny homes and living in an RV. It’s been disappointing to have to rent another property and even weirder to go back to a larger space, but the good news is that we’ve been able to give the bus some TLC in the meantime. Ryan’s worked through some important mechanical diagnostics, and the issues we had feared in the fall might lead to an engine rebuild may not be as severe as initially thought (whew!). We still need to replace some older parts, but the prognosis is a lot better than anticipated. I’ve also been doing some work to refresh the interior of the bus, which after so much travel was starting to look a little road-weary.

The bus in its current parking spot.

We’re still working towards our larger goals – including eventually buying land –  and, all in all, things aren’t too shabby. We’re fortunate to have the opportunities that we do and are looking forward to the future.

One thought on “What Are We Doing Now?

  1. Carol says:

    The pictures are absolutely spectacular. Being able to see these views on a regular basis is truly food for the soul. Am very happy to hear you decided to set put, a least for a while in the land that I think is truly milk and honey. Enjoy and, BE SAFE out while out there in the beauty of wilderness.


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