We Got Schooled is the story of how we converted a big yellow school bus into a super sweet RV and started traveling around the U.S.

Who we are:

The Humans:

Justine: Originally from New York, Justine has lived in Texas for seven years. Though her heart will always be in her home state of NY, her stint in Texas was just long enough for her to credibly start using the word “y’all” in conversation. Prior to hitting the road she worked as a college administrator, picking up loads of useful skills, and has recently begun pursuing photography. She can usually be found taking photographs, hiking, and abusively using parenthesis when blogging.

Ryan: A Texas native, Ryan spent the early years of his life building tree houses on his family’s land. This was followed by a long stint as a part-time oil painter and part-time computer programmer. He’s since moved into programming full-time (also known as making multi-colored lines of text do magical things).  When not working, he loves to program the bus’ interior LED lights to do crazy things! He can typically be found pondering the mysteries of astronomy, kayaking, and checking out the headlines on i09.

The Non-Humans:

We also travel with three lovely four-legged friends who can be usually be found defending the couch from vacancy. In addition to our resident stick-chaser /guard-dog, we’re accompanied by two high-maintenance yet still delightful cats.


Next Up: About the Bus

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