The Journey

After years of staying put, working too many hours in stressful jobs, and always feeling like we were missing something, we decided to make changes. We started saving money, bought the bus & converted it, and finally left our nine-to-fives. Our motivations are manifold – ranging from an urge to live more simply, a goal to escape the rat-race, to a deep-rooted desire to get out and see more of this world while we can. We were done dreaming and were ready to take action.

In June of 2016, we hit the road.

2016 Travels

After an extended visit with family in the spring of 2016, we hit the road for the first time in our bus. Our goal was to head straight for the west coast, but then, plans changed and we decided to beat the summer heat by going east. We’re proud to say that we logged just under 9,000 miles. We visited far-flung family and friends, saw many interesting places, tried new foods, and visited several amazing breweries. All in all, it was a hell of a ride.

2016 Route:

2017 Travels

After the break-neck pace of your 2016 journey, we worked out some of the kinks of long-term travel and were able to establish a more measured pace. Instead of moving to a new destination every other day, we tried to spend several days to two weeks in each location. We spent most of the year crisscrossing the west, often creating our route based on events, bucket-list must-sees, and opportunities to spend time with friends and family. It’s been a great year!


After our extended stint on the road, 2018 finds us settled down in one place again. This time in Colorado, where we’ve decided to hang our hats for a while. Read about the decision to take a break from the road here.

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