The Bus

Hand-made by yours truly, the bus represents countless hours of hard work, a whole lot of head-scratching, and yes, even a few spilled tears along the way. In its completed state, it serves as a reminder of all the reasons we began this endeavor – letting us confidently say that home is wherever you park it.

The Interior

Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, shower, bedroom, living room, storage cabinets, and as many book shelves as we could justify, the bus is tailor-made to suite our lifestyle. With a battery bank, solar panels, and AC electrical hook-ups, we’re able to stay powered wherever we go. An RV-standard water system including tanks for fresh water, grey water, and black water, keeps living aboard the bus comfortable. We take hot showers, eat cooked meals, and generally stay cozy wherever we go.

Watch a Video Tour of the bus

The Exterior

The most noticeable thing about the outside of the bus is the color. We used specialty marine & industrial-grade paint from Sherwin Williams to paint our bus. It’s bright, hard to miss, and makes us happy. Built into the undercarriage of the bus you’ll find our water tanks and additional storage cabinets. We’ve also added a wooden roof deck that doubles as a storage rack for our kayak and bicycles. (There’s even a collapsible crane up there to help load the heavy stuff!) The accompanying ladder is made from oak. You’ll also spot our 15,000 BTU air conditioner and solar panels affixed to the front of the roof.

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