Ride on the ‘Cool’ Bus

One of the interesting facts that we’ve learned up since starting this endeavor is that it’s actually illegal to impersonate a school bus in most states. While definitions of what this means varies, one of the prevailing elements is that the words “School Bus” must be removed from the exterior.

As we had successfully removed the seats, our next order of business was to strip any references to our bus’ former occupation from the exterior. Luckily we had some help. Our friend Timothy joined us and peeled vinyl like a champ! Timothy also helped us remove screws in preparation for ripping up the rubber flooring.

Timothy, boots 'n' all

Timothy, boots ‘n’ all

We briefly considered leaving some of the vinyl lettering to make our bus the “cool bus” before deciding this was majorly cheeseballs.



Getting cozy while peeling vinyl.

Getting cozy while peeling vinyl.

Eventually we’ll come up with a name for our bus. (Alas, Big Bertha and Large Marge are already taken / Ryan totally vetoed these.) Hopefully by the end of the project we won’t be referring to it as “Moneypitt”, “Big Mistake”, or some other terrible moniker.


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