From the Window to the Wall

Having completed the replacement of several windows, we were ready to frame and install our first solid walls on the bus. To help do the honors, Ryan’s brother joined us for privilege (or so we’re calling it) of assisting with the process.

Because the walls do not need to be load-bearing, we’ve opted for the lightest weight material we could find and are using underlayment board for the paneling. It’s a bit unsightly, but we have plenty of time yet to worry about aesthetic details once the hard parts of this project are completed.

Also completed recently, though not simultaneously, has been the construction of the shower-stall. The walls for the shower are constructed out of waterproof FRP board layered over underlayment board and mounted on the existing framing. Cutting both the underlayment and FRP boards to closely match the curvature of the bus’ ceiling was, shall we say, challenging. (Many four-letter words may have been uttered…) Even with our best efforts, we’ll still have to seal all of the corners and small gaps with silicon to ensure a completely watertight space. Eventually we’ll build out a frame along the front of the shower pan to anchor it in place and ensure additional waterproofing.

And now to the exciting bit… pictures!


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