August Part Deux

Well, this marks the second August that we’ve spent working on the bus. That’s right, this project that we originally (ahem, naively) thought would take us six months to complete, has now entered its seventeenth month of ‘in-progress’ status.

That being said, I’m happy to report that the pace of construction has picked up considerably and we’re working very hard to conclude the bus conversion within the next month. (Fingers firmly crossed!)

We’ll let photos do most of the talking in this post; enjoy these shots for a recap of recent projects:

Bed Frame:


Both the DC and AC electrical systems are fully installed and functional. Let there be LED light!


Floating laminate floor for the front and bedroom, vinyl tile flooring for the bathroom.


Yay! Our bus finally has some proper walls in place. More photos of the full walls coming soon.







All of the internal plumbing lines have been run and the toilet has been affixed to the bathroom floor. Next up is hooking up the water inlet and storage tanks.



4 thoughts on “August Part Deux

  1. Pete M says:

    Wow, It really looks great. All the progress since I was there. It is coming together nicely. Can’t Wait to see it on the road with crickets head sticking out a window enjoying the breeze!


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