Austin, we have lift off

Well, after nearly two years, we’ve finally done it. Not only is the interior of our converted school bus officially finished, but we’ve both left our jobs and moved out of our home in Austin, Texas.

The drive from Austin to east Texas went very well and the bus made it all 250 miles without any complaints (though there certainly were a few grumbles while going uphill).  We decided to bring my car with us so I followed while Ryan drove the bus … that’s right, I got to be the “blocker car” à la Smokey & The Bandit! A set of walkies-talkies purchased prior to leaving enabled us to feel like truckers while also staying in contact throughout the drive.

It’s now been two weeks since we left Austin with the bus, and I can safely say that the adjustment has been pretty painless. Not to worry curious blog readers, we have lots of photos to share with you below.

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Now What

We’re currently staying with family while we finish some additional projects that required equipment and/or time not available to us in Austin. In the meantime, we’re eating BBQ, going fishing, seeing art exhibits and live music, playing Settlers of Catan, holding delicious family-dinners, and surviving rain storms and tornado weather, etc. etc. We’re also taking time to formulate our road-trip plans and are looking at routes and possible stops & destinations. So, stay tuned – we’ll keep posting along the way.

3 thoughts on “Austin, we have lift off

  1. Grandma says:

    NEVER would I have believed you’d get all that into your bus conversion! Looks great…… wishes for adventures. Love to both of you.


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