Travelogue: Longmont, CO

After an extended visit with family in the Denver area, we were ready to hit the road again and decided to spend a weekend checking out the neighboring city of Longmont.

We stayed at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and though it wasn’t a very scenic campground, it was affordable and centrally located to a whole bunch of activities. Despite the lackluster campground, this was actually one of my favorite stops we’ve made so far.

After spending the afternoon getting settled, we celebrated on Friday night by cruising over to the Skeye Brewery (conveniently located just down the street) where we sampled their beers, enjoyed the artwork on display, and watched the Rio Olympics on T.V.

The next day started off with us attending the Boulder County Farmers Market held at the north-end of the fairgrounds, where we enjoyed a veggie tostada and a squash blossom quesadilla from a local food truck, picked up some locally grown tomatoes on the cheap, and listened to a live performance by the Heartstring Hunters. Bellies full of veggies, we hopped on our bikes and headed over to Lefthand Brewing for beers. Lefthand has been one our favorite breweries for a good long while (they originally won us over with their Nitro Milk Stout) so actually getting to see the brewery firsthand and try some of their pilot beers on tap was a nice experience. (The Blood Orange Pilot rocked my socks!)

After sampling our fill at Lefthand, we jumped on the bikes and pedaled over to Wibby Brewing where we ordered a flight of their flagship beers and a plate of poutine from the local burger truck. Wibby wasn’t actually our favorite brewery, but HOLY HELL was the poutine good. So horrible-for-you-full-of-oils-salts-and-all-the-bacon good that I actually don’t think I could eat another helping of it again this year. In case you’re wondering, biking back to your rig after an afternoon of beer and heavy Canadian foods is indeed, as you might imagine, terrible. Needless to say we both needed a brief lay on the couch to recover before moving on with the day.

Next on the docket for our perfect Saturday was to meet up with our two friends, Scott & Sophia, who moved to Longmont from Austin the year before. They’re a smart, laidback, couple with finely honed appreciation for board games that’s definitely compatible with our own. We met them for some dinner and an evening playing Terra Mystica, a pretty complex, but really engaging game. It was sure nice to visit with some familiar faces, and we’re glad they’re both enjoying life in Longmont!

When Sunday rolled around we were pretty content with our set up so we decided to stay-put for another night and spent the day enjoying the air conditioning in our bus before catching a matinee showing of the latest Star Trek movie at a nearby movie theater. (By now you might be beginning to see why this was one of my favorite stops….)

drive to longmont

Driving I-25 to Longmont

longmont farmers market

longmont farmers market 1

Scene at the Farmers Market

left hand brewry flight

Flight of delicious, tiny beers at Lefthand Brewing!

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