Travelogue: Pennsylvania

An aspect of visiting the east coast in our bus that I hadn’t accounted for was that many state parks and campgrounds close for the winter season beginning in late September & early October. This meant our options for find a place to stay over Columbus Day Weekend ended up being fairly limited. After two hours of searching, I was able to book us one of the last remaining sites at Promised Land State Park in Greentown, PA.

The park was beautiful and provided us with ample opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage. Ryan hadn’t ever seen the season change in New England before, and really enjoyed just how much color there was in the forest. There are multiple campgrounds and cabins interspersed throughout this state park, and we lucked into a site that was right long the lake – giving us opportunities to watch sunsets over the water in the evening and hike along the water.  I couldn’t get enough of the leaves, and spent most of the time out snapping photographs. For his part, Ryan used the solid internet connection to get a bit of work done for a client in between our morning and evening hikes and bike rides.


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