Sunset at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

Travelogue: Indian Bread Rocks, Near Bowie, AZ

Arizona is known for being a haven of outdoor recreation, and among the online community of full-time travelers, it’s also earned a special reputation for abundant, beautiful, and free boondocking opportunities. We’re happy to say that Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area in Bowie, AZ definitely contributes to this state’s well earned reputation for awesome camping spots.

Originally intended just as a convenient overnight stop off of I-10, we were so impressed with this place that we decided to stay for an extra night in order to enjoy the scenery. What’s so special about this spot? Aside from providing uninterrupted, clear views of the night sky, this place also offers amazing hiking and rock-scrambling opportunities. (If rock-scrambling isn’t yet recognized as an official outdoor pastime, it should be!) And the best part of all? Camping here is completely free! (Yet another reason to appreciate the BLM.)

The road to the recreation area isn’t paved, which did make for a bit of a bumpy ride, but it was well worth the effort. We snagged a pull-off spot close to the entrance that already had a fire-pit dug-out and ready to use – leaving us no excuse not to cook dinner over the campfire. If you’re passing through Arizona, we definitely recommend stopping at this spot for a night or two of great camping!

Indian Bread Rocks Campground

View of our bus from one of the many, many rocks

Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area Hiking

View from the peak – our bus is the blue spec in the center of the image.

Hiking Indian Bread Rocks, Bowie AZ

So many rocks to scramble over!

Hiking with dog Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

Our dog got in on the hiking action too

Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area


View from peak at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

View from the top of the highest peak accessible from the camping area

Sunset at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

Sunset panorama from atop one of the peaks at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

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6 thoughts on “Travelogue: Indian Bread Rocks, Near Bowie, AZ

  1. Patti McLaughlin says:

    Hi Justine! We are the couple you helped at the sanitation site at Gilbert Ray in Tucson. Your website is giving us a huge amount of information that we’ve been using and I really appreciate it. We did our first Boondocking three days ago in Coronado National Forest. Quite an experience, I think it was positive except the refrigerator wouldn’t run on propane above 5200 feet. We look forward to following your adventures and making some of our own. Glad we ran into you in Tucson.
    Patti and Rodger


    • Justine says:

      Hi Patti and Rodger!

      We’re so glad you enjoy reading our blog, kudos to you guys on your first boondocking adventure! We haven’t checked out the Coronado National Forest yet, but we hear it’s lovely – can’t wait to see it in person. It was nice to meet y’all in Tucson – enjoy the road!
      -Justine & Ryan


  2. Pete M says:

    I’m just floored by the views. The skies, the horizons are magnificent. I’m so happy for you and Ryan for following your dream. Let’s us know when you move on to the next location. Cali. ?


    • Justine says:

      Thanks! We loved this spot -weren’t sure what to expect until we got there then, just WOW! We’re still westward bound but taking our time… California eventually 🙂


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