Travelogue: Abilene, TX

Our first stop after leaving east Texas, we stayed in Abilene State Park. 

We had a tumultuous first ride in our bus that included driving through downtown Dallas at rush-hour and all three of our pets loudly meowing & barking for the first two hours of the drive. None of the fur-balls were quite prepared for highway driving and all three pets ended up crowded into my lap on the couch. It was hot and stressful seeing out pets in distress.  Needless to say we were relieved upon reaching our campsite for the night.

This is a small, but lovely state park with spacious campgrounds that are heavily wooded with large live oaks providing a lot of shade at most of the sites. Minimal grade to the sites. Very clean shower facilities.

The park has short, but scenic hiking/biking trails, access to the nearby reservoir for fishing, and a neat swimming pool / pool house dating to the 1930’s. (Day fee required for the pool.) The park brochure listed on-site fishing, however the fishing spot wasn’t great  – tons of mosquitoes, too many reeds to cast a line, and several snakes at the fishing pier. We tried our hand at fishing in the nearby reservoir, but that ended when Ryan snagged his line and mistakenly walked too far into the lake, resulting in his phone being partially submerged. Luckily, we were able to dry it out enough for it to recover.

We also appreciated the uninterrupted 4G internet connection the whole time and spent a total of 3 nights / 4 days here.


Our first campsite.

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2 thoughts on “Travelogue: Abilene, TX

  1. T..C. says:

    You said “the fishing spot was great – tons of mosquitoes, too many reeds to cast a line, and several snakes at the fishing pier.” yeah that doesn’t sound so great to me, but what do i know.

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