Travelogue: Caprock Canyons, QuitaqueTX

 Caprock Canyons State Park 

We stayed in the Honey Flats Campground for just one night, and regret not reserving more nights in this park. It’s an amazing landscape that we wish we could have explored more fully. We’ll definitely come back here on our next pass through this part of Texas.

The campsites are close together, but the trees and tall grasses provide enough privacy that it doesn’t feel cramped. Shower & bathroom facilities weren’t the nicest (maybe a 2 out of 5 stars), but they’re usable. Most of the campsites have a mild grade to them.

The park itself is gorgeous- really a unique landscape. There is extensive hiking and biking trails throughout the park and this park is home to the Texas State Bison Herd, and you will definitely see them! They actually passed through part of the campground area in the evening and weren’t hard to find off of the main park road. There’s also a prairie dog colony adjacent to the bathroom building.

We were too chicken to take our bus on the scenic drive around the park due to the 16% grade listed on the a section of the park map, and elected to ride our bikes along the road instead. Boy, are we glad we did – the 16% grade is actually on both and uphill and a downhill section (it leads into a small, short valley) with a turn in the middle. Just peddling up this hill was way more than we could handle, and we ended up having to hoof-it with the bikes to reach the top of the road.

During this bike ride we also had to ride past a large herd of bison that  had decided to hangout right on the roadside. This was pretty nerve-wracking as the herd included one large bull who was, let’s just say, ornery due to the fact that it was mating season. Since we did an out-and-back ride,  we had to pass by the heard twice. Though by the second time, my nerve had diminished and we actually rode alongside a car to give us a buffer between us and the herd.

Since it was a short visit, we didn’t have time to fully explore the park. Something we hope to remedy next time we pass through this stretch of west Texas!


View of the canyon land


Texas’ very own bison, from a safer distance away


Our campsite


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