Travelogue: On the Mississippi in Wisconsin

Neither one of us has ever been to Wisconsin before so we weren’t quite sure what to expect from Merrick State Park in Fountain City, WI. What a relaxing experience!  After a few days of non-stop driving, putting our feet up for a few days was a welcome relief from the monotony of daily travel. We slept in, took the pets for walks, kayaked, read, worked a bit, and drank beers next to the campfire each evening. Our campsite backed up onto the water’s edge, meaning we had an uninterrupted view of the water and easy access for our kayak, enabling us to paddle out to the actual Mississippi River!

The campground itself is in a really pretty spot along the shore. We opted to save a few dollars and forgo the designated RV campground meaning we had fewer neighbors and more direct access to the water. We got to wake up every morning to the sun rising over the water and the sound of birdsong (that was, admittedly, only interrupted once by the roar of a boat motor). It was serene and just what we needed.


The bus’ first time crossing the Mississippi River

mississippi shores 1

Marina in Wisconsin

merrick state park 3

Our Campsite in Merrick State Park

merrick state park

Pretty good office view.


merrick state park 2

Sunset from the Kayak


Morning view from our campsite!

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