Travelogue: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI

We always knew our bus would look good at the beach, we just never expected those beaches to be in Michigan!

How have I gone decades without knowing that Lake Superior is home to turquoise-colored water and gorgeous white sand beaches? How?! Oh, right – it’s covered under layers of snow and ice for most of the year…

We were blown away to discover the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and just how beautiful it is. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones to have figured this out and our usual ‘blowin’ in the wind’ style of traveling meant that we had some trouble finding available campsites in the park.

Our first night in the area we spent at the Woodland Park RV campgrounds in Grand Marais, where we were able to catch sunrise along the lake and use the available cell phone service to get a bit of work done. Staying here wasn’t intentional, but it was the only place in the area with any availability.

We then headed to a boondocking spot we found through some online RVer forums for a night of free, forest camping. While our boondocking site wasn’t especially scenic – it was just an unused logging road – it had the benefit of being FREE and a short 1.5 mile bike ride from some of the lakeshore’s major attractions.

Our third night in the area, we spent at the Munising Tourist Park. Though not especially scenic, the park did provide direct water access and we were able to kayak out to Grand Island and go for a bracing evening swim in Lake Superior. The park was also a short bike ride away from the Duck Pond Eatery, a neat local beer garden & restaurant. Michigan is definitely a state for beer-lovers and we sampled some region’s finest brews while indulging in the Duck Pond’s Fish-Fry-Friday special. (It was mouth-wateringly good!)

The following day on our way out, we stopped to explore the city of Munising a bit more. We were delighted to discover the Falling Rock Café & Bookstore – a neat little café with a decent book selection to boot. Bellies full of delicious cafe fare, we headed on our way to the south side of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula.

The three places we camped were:

Woodland Park Campground, Grand Marais, MI

Rhody Creek Trail – Boondocking Site on National Forest Land

Munising Tourist Park – Munising Township, MI


Wait, this isn’t Hawaii?


Lake Superior, MI


Lake Superior, MI


Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore


Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore


He’s just a tiny speck in this image, but that’s Ryan heading down the Devil’s Trail – a walking trail leading 500 ft straight down to the water’s edge. It’s not as dangerous – but it is a challenge to hike up.


The harbor in Grand Marais, MI


Sunrise in Grand Marais, MI


Kayaking to the Grand Isle, Lake Superior


Possibly my new dream home.


View of Lake Superior from the Kayak


Cricket enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach at sunset.


Ryan & Mr. White enjoying the beach.


Fish Fry Friday @ The Duck Pond Eatery


Yes, those are SWEET POTATO TOTS!


The Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore


This felt like an appropriate lunchtime read at the Falling Rock Cafe

2 thoughts on “Travelogue: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI

  1. Linda Ayers says:

    I REALLY want to go here. My friend Mary, who is from Michigan, has bragged on the beaches for years. Now I see it is not just Michiganders who think it’s awesome!


  2. Pete M says:

    I didn’t realize how big Lake Superior is and the pics are outstanding as usual. Whenever I hear about Lake Superior the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot comes to mind. But it sure looks calm now.


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