Travelogue: Tchotchkes, Lakes, and Bridges in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

After leaving Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, we really didn’t feel like having another long driving day, so after a quick map-check, we picked out Hog Island Point Campground in – Naubinway, MI and decided to call it good. Even though we found a spot with nice water views, the cool and rainy weather wasn’t conducive to enjoying the lake. Instead we cooked, read books, and worked on our computers.

The next day we stopped in St. Ignace, MI where we found the mother of all tchotchke shops. There were curios and fanny packs galore! After an unsuccessful attempt to convince Ryan that we needed a cow skull as a hood ornament for our bus, we headed across the Mackinac Bridge, leaving the Upper Penninsula behind. This was my first experience driving over a major bridge, and I hadn’t counted on just how awesome the views from the bus’ would be – that higher vantage point and wall full of windows makes such a difference!


Lake Michigan


Not a bad view if you can get it.


Rainy Day Supper


So many tchotchkes!


My sales job to convince Ryan that this would look great on the front of our bus failed.


I was kiiiinda tempted…


Heck yeah, I bought this! Someone is going to get one hell of a special birthday present!


Driving the Mackinac Bridge

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